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Anonymous said: hello, i just absolutely love the galaxy shoes. I was wondering if i was to purchase a kids shoe for Vanz will the price still cost $75

Hi there! I’ve never painted children’s shoes before, but I’m quite sure that they’re far less expensive. I’d suggest that you message me through my store’s hosting site,(Etsy) with the specific size and age of the person wearing the shoe. That way, I can give an exact price. (: Hope this helped!

Anonymous said: i loveee your shoes. but its kind of expensive! :( could you possibly lower the price?

I was considering it. I’m thinking that I’ll keep the Vans and Converse at $74 and sell Keds at $60 and then sell some knock-off Vans for $45. I spend a lot of time painting these with my fingers and adding a lot of detail, (shooting stars, the milky way, a comet) so I don’t want to make them super cheap. Plus, the cost of Vans are $45, so I need to make enough to pay off for the hours I put into the design.

anuscloud-deactivated20140430 said: Do you only do vans?

I paint Vans, Converse, and Keds. (:

k-ingdoms said: you should make toms

The way Toms are stitched and manufactured leave seems covering the canvas part that I’d need to paint on and it’s messier looking a difficult because it’s not straight, flat fabric.

potter-monster said: How much are your shoes, they're really pretty!

Thank you! They’re $74 +shipping, but I’m thinking of lowering the price.

Hey everyone! Not only do I paint space shoes, but I also paint Adventure Time Vans! PLEASE reblog and get the word out! To see more information or to purchase, click the picture and it’ll redirect you to the item page of my shop. Thank you! xoxo~

vahness-deactivated20120727 said: What paint do you use? And how do you do it? Just wondering cause I have a pair of black vans and also some black canvas wedges I'm not too fond of and your shoes inspire me :) If you don't mind sharing of course!

No problem! I use acrylic paints instead of fabric paints because the color is more realistic. Then I use a water resistant matte to seal the paint. And be sure to experiment with mixing colors and such. (: I hope this helped!

Anonymous said: Can you put up some pics of the converse ones?? I'm determining which I wanna buy

I actually never painted a legit pair of nebula converse yet, but I think I will on Sunday. I’ll put them up as soon as I’m done painting them. I promise! (:

Click the picture to redirect you to the purchase/more info page!
My newest work! (: